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Channel Partnering

What is a Channel Partner?
A channel partner is a company that partners with other manufacturers or producers to market and sell the manufacturer's products, services, or technologies.  This is usually done through a co-branding relationship.

Some of our Channel Partner?
New-Tech™, through its forty-five years of experience in manufacturing, has built partnerships to be able to take other quality Made in USA products, modify or combine these with our own technology and manufacture products that are needed in the Laboratory Equipment market.  Some of these partnerships allow us to offer:
  • Fan Platform Assemblies:  Based on the ASHRAE® "Power House" exhaust fan design, New-Tech™ offers Fan Platform Assemblies including spill air dampers to ensure that exhaust stack velocities say constant.  These assemblies start with a New York Blower Company Exhaust Fans that combines heavy-gauge, industrial construction with the convenience and economy of a package design.
  • MERV 18 HEPA Filtered Down Draft Tables:  The MERV 18 HEPA Filtered Down Draft Table provide a 99.99% efficient capture of 0.3 micron particles, as it draws the air down through the perforated top into the HEPA filtered recirculation fan system.  The filter assembly that makes the capture so effective comes from Nextek, LLC,  We use a pre-certified completely contained module that can be 100% incinerated.
  • Pre-Installed Variable Air Volume Fume Hood Controls:  With energy costs so high and a majority of the cost to operate a laboratory going into the ventilation system it makes sense to use Variable Air Volume (VAV) Fume Hood Controls where practical and safe.  New-Tech™ has found that most laboratory VAV systems required sash measurements (i.e. cables and wires), to work.  This is why New-Tech™ has partnered with TSI Inc. to offer the factory installation and testing of state-of-the-art VAV Fume Hood Controls that do not required these cables or wires.  One great feature with these VAV controls is that they are "open protocol", allowing the 0-10VDC analog airflow signal, with the choice of Modbus, N2, BACnet MS/TP or LonWorks Digital Communications to communicate with your DDC system.
  • Bench Top Fume Hoods, Countertops and Cabinets:  Quite often standard Bench Top Fume Hoods do not offer the features and services needed to meet all of our customers needs.  That is why New-Techâ„¢ has partnered with several laboratory standard Bench Top Fume Hood, Countertop and Cabinet producers.  This partnering allows us to modify these products with unique plumbing, electrical and pass-through conduits.  And by bringing these products to our manufacturing facility, we are able to pre-mount our Automatic Sash Positioning System (ASPS), the TSI VAV Fume Hood Controls and provide operational "As Manufactured" testing of these modified products when needed.  With all of our experience, New-Tech™ can recommend and offer the proper type of steel, plastic or wood cabinets along with recommending and modifying the wide selection of countertop materials to fit our customers laboratory needs.  New-Techâ„¢ manufactures specialty components that are needed to provide the safest laboratory environments.
New-Tech's Agreement with our Channel Partners
With all of our Channel Partners, confidentiality is critical for all of the products and projects we work on.  That is why when collaboration and innovation are involved, we maintain corporate confidentiality agreements that protect us as well as you.

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